Welcome to Wei Island Farm!


We respect the law of mother nature, we provide you a multifaceted living, learning and experiential natural space.

Wei Island Natural Farmland, Lijiang, Yunnan – a multifaceted natural experiential space


We do not emphasize one skill. We do not strive to be unique. We are not limited by definitions.

What we do is merely keep growing in life.

Our space imitates the patterns of nature; Entwining different facets of life’s interrelated cycles. Like a seedling emerging from the earth to produce branches and sprout leaves; one day it becomes a tree, with it’s own unique shape and character. Each component nourishes our earth and nourishes one another.


The concept of Wei Island Natural Farm is to to create a multifaceted natural living experiential learning space.

We want to preserve possibilities, to respect the law of mother nature.

At Wei Island Natural Farm we want to break down binary definitions, and to develop in many areas. We want to provide many possibilities, and to allow many people to participate.

Come visit us!