About us

Wei Island Farm is founded in 2016, which is surrounded by the river on 3 sides and the mountain to its back. On the mountain lies a waterfall, it’s torrents pouring down the rocks and encircling the peninsula.

Video Introduction of Wei Island

The professionals around the world from different fields have been attracted to Wei Island Farm. Based on the advantages of its own geographical environment, Wei Island Natural Farm creates a traditional boutique hotel with a natural farm environment concept. In addition to the homestay, with the guidance of eco-environmental protection, working with domestic and international experts, Wei Island regularly provides outdoor education program and Permaculture courses, workshops, art & culture exchange activities. Meanwhile, rock climbing training, zipline and Via Ferrata are all available at Wei Island outdoor base. Service of cycling, hiking, rappelling, river trekking, caving and traditional cultural experience activities are also provided. Wei Island is truly a nature farm with multiple functions of accommodations, education, culture and fun. Welcome to Wei Island.


Law of nature, Tao models itself after nature

New lifestyle of country life among mountains

This is the natural habitation environment we’ve created. With its traditional-style boutique hotel, along with unique natural environment, provided with themed activities and events, clients are ensured to enjoy and relax physically and mentally, to enjoy the beauty & peace of the nature, to learn & experience activities at different levels. This is the unique vibe that Wei Island brings you.

We return to natural cycles