We love our planet – we seek to popularize environmental education

Let us create emissaries for world change


Permaculture Design Certificate(PDC)

PDC courses will be carried out all year round at Wei Island. We’ve invited teachers from England to guide us learning Permaculture and community construction and sustainable lifestyle. Community-based or other non-traditional lifestyles that connect people to the planet, regional organizations, community development, and non-traditional economies.

The course lasts 15-20 days and is designed to provide inspiration and knowledge to the students and bring positive changes to the world. The subject matter of the course is very broad and applicable to any part of the world, and will be adapted to the needs of the current student and the region.

Natural building courses

Permaculture Nature Education Course

Plant with your own hand the seeds of organic produce. Work together to preserve organic crops, to pick organic fruits and walnuts. Learn to identify wild mushrooms, to raise bees, and other natural farming techniques.

Mind and spiritual healing workshops

Law of nature, Tao models itself after nature.

Yoga Class

Taiji Course

Tao models itself after nature, that man is integral part of nature. Regular Taiji Health Maintenance Course & Tai Chi Workshop are provided by Taoist priests invited from Wudang Mountain.

Music Class

Dance Class

Parent-child Outdoor Course

We provide a diverse range of family educational content all year round including outdoor sports, environmental education, handcrafts and more. Join us to bring your children closer to nature, to learn about and to better understand our world. Let’s watch our children grow in a natural environment. We respect traditions, work to pass on and popularize traditional culture.

Actviities include, Traditional Tie-dying Course,Traditional Bamboo weaving Course, Traditional Dongba Culture Course, Traditional Dongba Ancient Music Performance, Embossed Plant Painting Course, Stone Painting, Natural Animal & Plant Identification Course


Teens comprehensive natural and outdoor sports camps, summer and winter camps

We care for the development of teenagers, lead teens in the exploration and understanding of nature. Living amongst the mountains and along the river, we develop a natural and active lifestyle, surrounded by mountains and water, challenge yourself to scale rocky peaks.

Activities include: Balance Challenge, Tree Climbing, Hiking, Caving, Astronomy Class, Animal Course, Camping, Via Ferrata, Zip line, Rock climbing

Team Building, Outdoor Activities

 Artist residency program, all kinds of arts and handmade craft related workshops

Course Schedule of Wei Island 2018